303 Stainless Needle (EARLY Season Stem Injections, KNOTWEED, Bamboo 500+ Injection Durability)

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This needle is used primarily for injection of Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed.
This needle is used in early season injections with softer cane walls as it tends to bend easily if not injected and pulled straight out.
We are phasing this needle out of inventory in favor of the 7-14 Hardened Needle due to it’s exceptional durability.
It costs a little more but in this case it is worth it.

Patented design characteristics allow for fluid to be delivered into the stem of the plant with no blow-back or leakage.

Needle fits into brass coupler on the end of the barrel and will lock into place.

When inserted the dispersal hole in the needle should be pointing down and the needle will have penetrated both sides of the plants cane.

Operators should only inject canes that are of 1/2 inch in diameter and close to the root crown of the plant (specifically below the 2nd or 3rd internode of the knotweed plant).

Inserting the needle directly into and removing it straight out of the plant without bending or twisting will dramatically increase the longevity of the needle.

Please maintain the highest safety measures and follow all suggested procedures.

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