What do I do if the JK tool does not calibrate consistently?
1. The front valve could be contaminated with dirt or salt crystals. You will need to replace the
coupler valve.
The cylinder wall is scored and the herbicide is flowing past the seals.
1. Replace the cylinder.
2. Seals may be worn, so you will need to replace seals.
3. The silicone lubricant may be lacking.

The cylinder threads are stripped or compressed. What do I do?
1. Replace the cylinder.

The cylinder housing appears cracked. What do you suggest?
1. You will need to replace the cylinder.

The canister has been leaking fluid, what should I do?
1. The canister or lid has been over tightened OR the seal had been damaged by salt buildup
 Only tighten ¼ turn on the canister and lid.
2. There is back pressure from a plugged front valve.
 Use the thread protector when the canister is not in the tool.

When using the holster insert, what is your suggestion for using the marking system?
1. When using the marking system with the JK tool, cut off the bottom 2 inches of the blue insert
and insert down into the holster.