“I had a clump of knotweed along my fence close to the garden and used the injector to kill it all. It was brown and dead in two weeks. We burned the canes and mowed it down and nothing has come back. That was two years ago. My neighbors actually bought the tool from me to use on their knotweed. It worked for them too and they had been fighting it for almost 10 years.” – Nancy N – Seattle WA

“I live in VT and bought your injection gun for use on a pretty big patch of knotweed we have adjacent to our yard. It’s been working great! Thank you!” -Patrick W – VT

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“My wife’s mom planted bamboo around her house like 10 years ago and it got way out of control. I used the injector to only inject the plants that were getting out of control.” Timothy S OR

“I am 87 and I cannot pull out the knotweed. I bought an injector and killed it.” -Bob G WA

“We used the JK1000 as a backup option for our operators when they encountered a sensitive property owner. Some property owners are turned off by the drift risk or the bright dyes but injection is usually acceptable to them.” -Mark M – MN