Yellow Flag Iris

Iris pseudacoruyellowflag_1
Quick ID:

  • Perennial, forming dense stands of robust plants.
  • Non-native member of the Iris family (Iridaceae).
  • Best Identifying characteristic (when in bloom) is the very showy yellow iris flowers.


  • Grows in water up to 25cm deep, or very near water.
  • Is tolerant of drought – “excavated rhizomes continue growing after three months without water” (Sutherland 1990).

How It Got Here:

  • Brought to Canada and the U.S. as an ornamental plant in the early 1900’s.
  • It was also used as an erosion control plant.

Reasons for Concern:

  • Is a fast growing/spreading invasive plant that can out compete other wetland plants
  • Forms almost impenetrable thickets, similar to the way cat-tails do.
  • Individual plants produce from several dozen to several hundred rooted rosettes and flowering shoots connected by durable rhizomes.
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