Killing Knotweeds

This information is intended for all those who are attempting to control the invasive knotweed plant species. 
First READ application rates and understand how much and what products you can safely use on your site, in your state, country, etc. 
Protecting the environment for future generations use is the goal.  Using herbicides to establish control over such an aggressive and destructive species as knotweed is necessary.


A Modern Standard Process for controlling one of the worlds most invasive plant species.    Below is a process to control/eradicate all knotweed types, including the hybrid Bohemian.


  1. Injection of each cane with 3-4 ml’s glyphosate of 41% solution.  (Surfactant not required)
  2.  Foliar application of a 15% solution to plants too small to inject.   
  3.  Return 14 days later to address any missed canes. 
    • *[Modern Standard Process] INFO derived from 20 years of HELPING CONTROL Knotweed in 38 Countries -2021 Brian Burgess