Precise Site Management Practices

This information is intended for all those who are attempting to control an invasive plant species.  A successful approach to control requires an understanding of what processes are practical and appropriate to the treatment area. First READ application rates and understand herbicide products you can use on your site.  DO NOT take any shortcuts and seek secondary advice if you are unsure.  Protecting the environment for future generations use is the goal.

EXAMPLE:  KNOTWEED ERADICATION        We are giving you the Modern Standard Process* for controlling one of the worlds most invasive plant species.    Below is a process to control/eradicate all knotweed types, including the hybrid Bohemian.


  1. Injection of each cane with 3ml’s glyphosate of 41% concentrated solution.  Surfactants not required and could REDUCE translocation to rhizomes. (surfactants can shut down plants transport system before glyphosate reaches root tips)
  2.  Foliar application of a 5% solution to plants too small to inject.  You can use a wipe or paint method to apply herbicide to leaves and avoid overspray if you do not have a close range precise sprayer. 
  3.  Return 14 days later to address any missed canes and to document site control progress. 
    • *Modern Standard Process derived from 20 years of Knotweed research and control in 38 Countries -2021 Brian Burgess