Plant Info

Let us help you identify the type of invasive plant that may be taking over your land. What it looks like, where it grows, how it may have arrived, and why you should be concerned about it.

Herbicide Labeling

Proper Herbicide Labeling is important because it helps make sure that applicators are using the herbicides as effectively and safely as possible in our environment. Find out more about proper herbicide labeling here.

Product Catalog

See Our full line of JK Injection Tool products, including replacement needles, heavy duty holster, herbicide canisters, plant marking systems and more. Click here to start shopping.

Happy Customers

I was having a huge problem with blackberry bushes taking over my back yard. I didn’t want to spray because I have vegetables close by. The JK Injection tool was very easy to use, and killed the blackberries that were out of control. I would recommend this tool for anyone that has a problem with stubborn plants.

Everyday more stalks are dying off.  Your tool is so easy to you and produces great results.  I’m so pleased I invested in it.