JK1000 Spray Tip


NEW in 2022

Will fit All JK1000 Systems

Fine Mist Precision Spraying capability is added to the JK1000 with this highly durable, corrosion resistant, SPRAY TIP.

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Convert your Stem Injector into a Foliar Applicator 

  1. Create a 15% Foliar Spray Solution in your cannister.   (Recommended rate for Knotweed)
  2. ADD two (2) needle vials of a 41% glyphosate herbicide  (20mls) to one 16oz JK Cannister.
  3. Connect  spray tip.
  4. You will get approximately 100-125 shots out of one 16oz cannister.

Suggested Applications:  knotweed canes too small for injection. FAN shape tip makes leaf application very precise. Driveway cracks and other hard to hit spots.

Target individual leaves with this fine/medium 55 degree spray tip.  Fan pattern uses less spray and allows for edging and brush stroke patterns.

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