Poison Hemlock

Also known as Poison Parsnip, Snakeroot, False Parsleyinject hemlock
Conium maculatum L.Quick ID:

  • May grow to be 6 to 8 feet tall, roots with horizontal chambers.
  • Leaves are fern-like in appearance.
  • Stem grows erect and stout with purple spots at all growth stages.
  • Foliage has a strong musty odor.


  • Grows along borders of pastures and cropland.
  • Does well in poorly drained soils.
  • Is frequently found along stream banks and ditches.

How It Got Here:

  • A biennial native to Europe.

Reasons for Concern:

  • All plant parts are poisonous including the taproot.
  • Humans have been poisoned by mistaking the plant for parsley.

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