Herbicide Labeling

What you need to know about herbicide labeling approval.
Supplemental labels have been approved for several US states and are in progress in the UK. Please check with your state or regional pesticide registration division for current approvals.

Labeling approval is how you will know how much herbicide to inject in the particular plants. Labeling is done on a per state basis by the manufacturers of the herbicide. Labeling is important because it helps make sure that applicators are using the herbicides as effectively and safely as possible in our environment. Currently major chemical companies like: Monsato and DOW are actively acquiring labeling approval for stem injection for the plants listed above for all US states. Internationally, we are working to establish similar labeling approvals for the UK where invasives like Japanese Knotweed could be more effectively controlled with stem injection.

If you use stem injection, you do not have to use a ‘sticker’ or ‘surfactant’ to adhere the active ingredient to the plant’s surface. Surfacant free glyphosate products such as Roundup Custom¬†or Rodeo is what we suggest. It is compared to an intense compound as they are safe for the environment and the applicators. Infact, they are so safe that the EPA allows them to be used along our rivers and streams.

(Note: We do not sell herbicide, just the delivery system).

Link to Monsanto Product Labels Link to Dow Product Labels


SAMPLE:  Hollow Stem Injection section (Roundup Pro Max Specimen Label)