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Includes: 1 tool, 1 canister, 1 Hardened needle, 1 measuring vial, a 9/64 Allen wrench, Instructions, Warranty and Care information.

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The tool is primarily used as a stem injection system by government agencies and by professional landscapers to eradicate the invasive knotweed species.  Injection of herbicide above the 1st or second node of the Knotweed cane will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the herbicides translocation into the roots and will kill the plant.

The JK1000 ‘Garden Gun’ is made of durable corrosion resistant materials to ensure long life and usability. The tool is designed to be balanced for repeated handheld applications of herbicide into the hollow canes of bamboo like plants or as a precision handheld sprayer.  The tool is a vacuum pump system that can hold 16oz (473cc’s) of any liquid pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, or fertilizer.  Delivery is adjustable and can deliver 1-8cc’s(mls) per pull of trigger.

The AMAZON GARDEN GUN KIT includes the FAN TIP Sprayer Attachment that truly makes the tool a ‘Garden Gun’ in that can be used to eliminate a variety of both plant and insect species from your garden or orchard.  Many customers have had their tool for over 10 years with only regular flushing after use and a yearly re-application of silicone grease to the piston seals.

The needles are designed to avoid blowback on operators and will provide thousands of injections into dense fibrous plant stems like Knotweed and Bamboo before needing replacement.  Needles will not clog or get stuck in the cane.  We warranty the tool for a full year from time of purchase and will ship you a new tool if you have any problems.

Includes: 1 tool, 1 canister, 1 Hardened needle, 1 Measuring vial,  9/64 Allen wrench, Silicone Grease Packet, www.jkinjectiontools.com Safety Cork, Instructions  and Care information.

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Dimensions 13.5 × 8 × 3.75 in


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