Kit Includes:

12 JK1000 Tools

12 16oz Cannisters

12 Hardened Needles

12 Short Needles

12 Grease Packets

12 Cannister Cap Protectors

12 Safety Corks.

All Tools are Custom Packed in Customizable Chemical Resistant Foam.  Customer can further adjust if desired.

Lids clamps make this case submersible for up to 30 mins in 9ft of water.

Case is very durable and is designed to be transported.  Case has solid roller wheels and handle system.

Case has three large handles and weighs approximately 45lbs when loaded.

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12 Complete Injection Systems

12 Short and Hardened needles.

Ideal for County, State, and Federal teams operating in multiple watersheds.

The JK1000  injection system offers a solution and second option when spraying is not desired.  What do you do when you can’s spray it?  Worried about drift, dyes, surfactants?  Property owners who do not want you to spray can be presented with an alternate solution.  Inject it.  Every spray team deployed into the field should have a backup plan to offer concerned property owners and the JK1000 is designed just for that reason.  Extremely durable and user friendly this tool is a very effective alternative to controlling knotweed and other invasives when spraying is not an option.

This case is designed to be outdoors and protect your tools.  It is waterproof, and shockproof, and we are confident it will last you numerous years in the field.  This case can be locked.  This case can be transported to job sites or can be left in shop for easy check-in and check-out of tools. This case can be submerged up to 9 feet for 30 mins.  IF it falls off your tailgate or out of your boat your tools will be protected.

KIT INCLUDES: 12 JK1000 Injection Systems: 12 JK1000 Tools. 12 16oz Cannisters. 12 Hardened Needles, 12 Short Needles, 12 Grease Packets, 12 Cannister Cap Protectors, 12 Hex Wrenches, 12 Safety Corks. 1 JK DuraCase.

All Tools are handmade in the USA and triple checked before shipment.


Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 18 in